Day Trips


Located about an hour and a half by car from Moshi is Lake Chala, a crater lake on the border of Tanzania and Kenya. This beautiful caldera is a great place for a day trip – with overnight camping offered. The day can be spent hiking down to the waters edge for a swim and to relax. The walk down to the lake takes about 45 minutes, walking through forest area with trees filled with playful monkeys, enjoying great views of the lake on the way down. Back at the top of the crater there is a great restaurant with a deck area where you can relax over dinner and drinks while overlooking the lake. Depending on the season you may also be able to see families of elephants at the nearby watering holes. The campsite at Lake Chala is equipped with a campfire, cooking facilities and a bar.

We will depart from Moshi just after breakfast, heading out towards the Lake. After spending the day, we will make our way back into town in the late afternoon. There is an option of staying overnight at Lake Chala, either at their campsite in tents or in the “luxury tented rooms”. In this case, we would depart for Moshi the next day after breakfast. If camping overnight, a chef is provided to make your meals if you wish.



Coffee is an integral part of Tanzania’s economy, being one of the largest exported goods out of the country to various places all over the world. For generations now farmers have been harvesting coffee on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro – mostly at small scale, family-owned farms. TrekTZ will take you to visit a small scale coffee farm on the foothills of the mountain where you will spend the day learning about how coffee is made as well as getting to know the dedicated farmers responsible for the coffee before getting a taste of the final product! Coffee is available for purchase. If you put in an order it will be dropped off to us in Moshi and we can make sure it gets to you! Prices are determined by the coffee farm and not by TrekTZ but we can give you an estimate of the price.

During the coffee tour you will take a detour down to the Materuni waterfalls, hiking down past coffee fields. If the weather is warm enough, there will be time to stop and go for a swim in the pool below the waterfalls – some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the region. On the way back up to the farm you will again get the opportunity to see the area where the local Chagga people live.

Please note that the waterfall hike is optional. If you are rushed for time or simply do not want to see it, just let the guide know and you will head back to Moshi after the coffee tour. Alternatively, you can just go for the hike to the waterfall and skip the coffee tour.


Located an hour outside of Moshi down the Moshi-Arusha road is a hidden hot spring. Known to the locals as Maji Moto, this hot spring is tucked away in a village off the main road. At Maji Moto you can relax for the day, enjoying swimming in the crystal clear, warm water with a picnic lunch. For people looking for something more, it is possible to set up a campsite overnight complete with barbeque dinner.

For the day trip, we will leave Moshi after breakfast to head out to the hot springs where you will enjoy the day before heading back in the late afternoon. If you want to stay overnight, departure will be the next day after breakfast. A chef will accompany you to prepare all meals.