Souvenirs To Bring From Zanzibar Bazaar

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Finding the correct souvenir to bring home from your holiday can be troublesome, regardless of whether you are purchasing for your family, companions and friends and family. In any case, during your Zanzibar Tours, you would see that the place is loaded up with numerous spots loaded up with bona fide, cultural and thoughtful souvenirs that you won’t have any desire to return home without. You’ll certainly bring home wonderful memories of the East African nation.

Here is a portion of the must-have souvenirs to get in during your Zanzibar Tours:

Kikoi Fabrics

Kikoi is a kind of Sarong. It is a traditional, rectangular piece of fabric that is generally worn by wrapping it over the waist. You can likewise wear it as a sling to convey a child, a head wrap, or a towel. It additionally comes in various colors, design, and pattern. You can regularly get it for around 10 USD per piece. Your friends will doubtlessly adore this traditional bit of fabric from Zanzibar, so try to get them one before leaving the city.

Handmade, Organic Cosmetics


Handmade beauty products are a prominent souvenir in Zanzibar. The island’s local ladies are famed for creating amazing high-quality cosmetics and beauty products like handcrafted soaps, essential oils, kelp items, and more. The aromas that these items radiate, for example, cinnamon and clove, are durable and synonymous with Zanzibar.

Products Made From Ukili (Palm Leaves)

Another well-known souvenir in Zanzibar is palm-leaf items. They are normally made by hand-braiding palm leaves into bags, baskets, coaster, and more. This one of kind craftsmanship are frequently seen as beautiful home decor, so we’re sure your loved ones back home would welcome an item or two.

Tingatinga Paintings

Are you an art enthusiast who is fond of bringing back home paintings from your travel abroad? At that point, you’ll presumably be charmed by the Tingatinga works of art. Each painting is made of Masonite and highlights tourist arranged subjects. It is likewise a helpful gift for it is little and can without much of a stretch be conveyed starting with one spot then onto the next. You can frequently get this at the Slipway Market and the Haile Selassie Road during your Zanzibar Holidays.

Kanga (Traditional Dress Of The Women)

In case you’re searching for a bit of garment that is distinct from Zanzibar, at that point you need to purchase Kanga. The Kanga is the customary dress in parts of Tanzania and East Africa. It is Sarong-like apparel with Swahili quotes, and love notes inserted at the bottom piece of the fabric. You can normally get this from the nearby market, where it is generally less expensive so check out them during your Zanzibar Beach Holidays.

Kitenge Bags And Cases

Kitenge is another variant of Kanga with the exception of it doesn’t have the typical Swahili saying and love message at the base. This bit of fabric makes an amazing bag and cases for iPods, PCs, and more. It additionally makes a valuable souvenir to give your loved ones back home, for it is modest, tough, and light.

Maasai Handmade Crafts

One of the most loved souvenirs to purchase in Zanzibar is the Maasai Jewellery, which is brilliant beadwork that frames bracelets, necklace, anklets, and more. Beside the adornments, there are additional loads of Maasai handicraft, including baskets, wood carvings, and colorful fabrics. You can discover these items anywhere in Zanzibar, particularly in neighborhood markets and the Maasai Village.


Zanzibar is also known for its abundance of spices. The common spices you’ll encounter are cloves, pepper, cinnamon, turmeric, and more.  Spice Tours are also very renowned here. In the event that you’re intending to go along with one, ensure that you don’t purchase spices legitimately from the farm, for they are normally more costly than if you somehow managed to get them at the market.

Handcrafted Wooden Animals

Probably the best souvenirs you can purchase from Zanzibar are handcrafted wooden animals. They are normally made of coal black and polished to flawlessness. You can likewise gather innate stories and fantasies of Zanzibar from their carvings, stories that experts use as a motivation for their works. You can purchase this at any woodcarving workshop around the local area and watch the way towards making one.

With so many souvenir items to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when deciding what to take back home during your Zanzibar Tours. Zanzibar is filled with many attractive places and activities for you. So book your trip to Zanzibar for an amazing experience. For more information, you can visit our website at