About TrekTZ

TrekTZ Adventure & Safaris is a company run by dedicated professionals with a passion for tourism, the outdoors, and adventure. We are committed to providing each client with a once in a lifetime trip in Tanzania whether it be trekking a mountain or visiting Tanzania’s spectacular national parks. TrekTZ is passionate about sustainable tourism; tourism that allows people to experience the adventure, beauty, and culture of Tanzania while respecting local customs and the environment.

The TrekTZ team is comprised of dedicated, highly capable staff who have been working in tourism for years. The company is dedicated to professional development and assisting porters, cooks, and guides to improve their skills whenever possible. Every member of the TrekTZ team prioritizes safety and recognizes that whether trekking or on safari, safety always comes first. We are committed to providing you with the adventure of a lifetime!

TrekTZ Adventure is represented on www.safaribookings.com.